Why it’s faster to sell your home to investors instead of homeowners

Selling your house can be a daunting task especially when time is an important factor. The processes involved especially when selling it traditionally to a homeowner might be time consuming. A real estate investor will forego many of these processes thus saving you time. ‘Time is money’ and you probably not want to miss the opportunity for a new job or a special home offer elsewhere because of your unsold home.

As opposed to selling your home to a new homeowner, going for a real estate investor like webuyhouseshouston.net would be the right best choice for you.

In this article, I will explain why it’s faster to sell your home to a real estate investor instead of a homeowner;

No waiting for a customer
Real estate agents are always ready to buy your home as long as they can make profit out of it. Since the real estate agents are always known and ready, you would not have to wait for your advertisement to win a potential buyer. Some potential buyers may also choose to withdraw from the deal at the last period of negotiations taking you back to a fresh start.

Investors pay cash
Real estate agents always pay the agreed price in cash or check payment without hesitation. If you agree on the price, the payment is made the moment you sign the agreement. A homeowner might end up bargaining or keep you waiting for weeks before the bank financing goes through.

No need for inspection companies
When selling a house to a new homeowner, it has to be inspected to avoid any liability for the problems your buyer might face after purchase. This would require that you look for home inspectors. With a real estate company however, this may not be necessary. As a result, you will be able to sell your home without waiting for a full report from the inspection companies.
Homeowners might take time to find an inspection company for full assurance. Some will use more than one inspection companies to get fully satisfied. This would also translate to more waiting time. Since most of real estate investors have their own inspectors this would be unnecessary for them.

No repairs
The purpose of an investor is to make profit from the little modifications of your old house through value addition. Doing the renovation yourself on the other hand, would demand more time to look for contractors and later finance the renovation cost. The repair may even stall midway and cost you more time. Selling through a real estate investor will save you the hassle and you will sell your house faster without waiting for any repairs.

Little clearance demands
It’s hard to sell a home to a new homeowner when face with a pending mortgage or a foreclosure. Most homeowners would require that you clear everything before they decide to move in. a real estate investor would take the house as it is, provided you have a clear ownership title. With their flexible capability, the investor will take over the mortgage clearance.
With the efficiency of real estate investors, going for them is the wisest option when you want to get it off your chest quickly or urgent cash.