What is a SS-5 form

An SS-5 is a form that you must fill when applying for a new Social Security Card. The multipurpose form is also used while requesting for correction or replacement of your Social Security Card. Depending on the above-mentioned scenarios, this document is normally filled –out differently and it can be obtained through the Social Security administration’s website or its local branch office.

Note that while applying for a new card, you must submit at least 2 supporting documents which will be used to prove your identity and they include a birth certificate, an identity card/ US Passport or a driver’s license. Examples of specific situations that might require you to fill the SS-5 with the help of a professional from https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/form-ss-5/ include:

• If you need a new social security card because you have never applied for one before.

• If you have lost a Social Security Card, it was stolen or it is damaged.

• You have changed your citizenship’s status for instance, if you have been a green card holder and you have now acquired the US citizenship.

• You have changed your official names because you are married, divorced or for some other reasons.

• You have given birth or you have adopted a child and you want to get a card for them so that you can claim them as dependent on your tax returns.

• In case your card has clerical errors like a wrong birth of date, name misspellings etc.

• If you’re caring for a dependent adult you’ll need to get them a Social Security Card so that you can claim and manage their government benefits.

Supporting Documents

The supporting documents which are used to prove the applicant’s citizenship status, age and identity must be original because SSA will not accept photocopies for whatever reasons. The SSA is very strict about supporting documents and only original documents or copies that are certified by the agency that issued the document will be accepted.

How to Apply For an SS-5 Form

Regardless of your reason to apply for a Social Security Card, you have to apply for it in an old-fashioned manner by mailing the form and the supporting documents to your local Social Security Office or by taking the forms there in person. Although you can get the SS-5 form online and even fill it out using your computer, you can’t submit it online. Note that there are multiple businesses that can help you fill the Social Security Card application at a cost but the SSA does not recommend this because it’s vital that you limit the number of people who can access your personal and sensitive information. It’s even much easier to complete the paperwork by yourself.

An SS-5 form will be required every time you request for a replacement or a new Social Security Card. Filling–out the one-page form is very simple and straightforward all you have to do is to make sure that you double check your information in order to avoid careless mistakes that may delay your application. Furthermore, keenly check the requirements of the supporting documents and make copies of everything that you submit for record purposes. Once your paperwork has been approved by the SSA, you are expected to wait ten business days in order to receive your new card.