Things you should know before buying tattoo gloves

There are several dangers of being a tattoo artist without gloves. Gloves are worn by tattoo artists in order keep the entire process hygienic and safe. Placement of tattoos involves open wounds, which leaves artists more susceptible to different forms of infections. It is, therefore, advisable for artists to ensure that they have bought high quality gloves before placing tattoos on their clients. Selecting the right gloves can be tough for novices in this field. There are various factors to consider before buying gloves for tattooing. One of the best places to purchase tattoo gloves is online. Here is a guide to select the best tattoo or latex powder free gloves.


Do not buy the first gloves you find at the local market. Tattoo artists should look for gloves that will withstand rips and punctures. The stronger the material reduces your chances of becoming infected with different forms of diseases over time. Artists are advised to comb through different products on the market in order to find gloves that make them less likely to suffer from infections over time.


Comfort is among the factors many artists consider before purchasing gloves. The best gloves do not limit the convenience of the artist whenever he or she is performing a placement on a client. You should look for proper fitting gloves that will allow you to work safely and freely.


Tattoo gloves are sold at different prices. Although expensive gloves are considered high quality, that is not always the case. It is good to comb through different products and their prices in order to pick the best gloves for your tattooing projects.


Tattoo gloves come in different colors. Some of the common colors include black and blue. The black gloves are preferred because of the aesthetic reasons.

Types of Tattoo Gloves

There are different types of tattoo gloves you can buy. The categorization is based on the material used in making the gloves. The common types are

• Latex gloves: The latex gloves are among the best options to consider. They are preferred by tattoo artists because they are strong and durable. They can be used to protect the tattoo against punctures and cuts. They are comfortable and allow the artists to remain in control throughout the process without having to lose any form of sensitivity over time. The tattoo artists is expected to speak to the client before conducting any procedure because the gloves can lead to reactions on the body. Clients who are allergic to latex are often to avoid it as much as possible.

• Nitrile gloves: These are gloves made from synthetic latex material. They have a number of features that resemble those found on the latex ones including comfort, sensitivity and durability. In addition, they are considered to be less reactive hence you will not suffer from allergies.

• Vinyl gloves: If you are looking for durable gloves then you will never go wrong with these ones. The gloves are also resistant to corrosion among other hostile conditions. They lack of sensation makes them ideal for tattooing purposes.