Some of the common electronic components in daily life

The electronic components are used to form different parts of the electronic circuitries. They are used as well as manufactured in the electronics’ field. Electronics is basically the study of various electrical devices that help to control the flow/movement of electrons that are the charged particles, for executing any sort of electrical operations. There are lots of electronic components used in daily life. You can have a look on the brief details of some of the most common electronic components on sale at these days as follows.


The resistors resist the electric current. This resistance is measured using a unit called ohms. There are various colors on a resistor’s body. They are used as a code to know the values. These colors are used for representing the numbers starting from 0 to 9. There is a type of resistor called the variable resistor. In it, the resistance can be changed by making a movement in its slider or its knob. The variable resistor helps in controlling the volume in a number of devices.


The Capacitor is another common electronic component. It is used for measuring the capacitance and its measuring unit is farads. The capacitor is used to store the electrical charges that afterwards can be released when required. The different types of capacitors are ceramic disc, electrolyte, etc.


The diodes are semiconductor devices that allow the electric current to pass in a single direction only.There are special diodes called the light emitting diodes (LEDs). They are small in size and all available at cheap prices. They are used for giving out light and they also allow the electric current to flow in a single direction only.


NPN bipolar transistors:

These transistors are used for controlling the current. Actually, they can easily amplify the electric currents by dissipating a small amount of the heat and a little amount of the spatial waste.

PNP bipolar transistors:

These transistors work similar to the NPN transistors; however, heir construction is a bit different from them.


The crystals are common electronic components that are able to precisely vibrate a particular frequency if voltage is applied to them.

Integrated circuits:

An integrated circuit is basically a particular semiconductor wafer. It can hold various capacitors, transistors, resistors and other electronic components in large quantities. They allow the chips to have all these electronic components on a small board, thus they save space.


Triac is basically a dual SCR, i.e. Silicon Controlled Rectifier. It is used for controlling the AC. Most of the times, it is used in different types of lamps and dimmers. It helps in controlling the electricity’s amount that reaches an appliance.


A speaker is widely used in sound systems and other systems. It basically converts the electrical energy into the sound energy by using a specific mechanism.

There are lots of other electronic components that are used in everyday life and have their own uses in a number of machines.