Social Security Card Replacement Tricks


A social security card is a sort of electronic sized wallet paper which contains nine digits issued by a social security administrator to the citizens of its country. It serves the purpose of financial transactions, be it the buying of goods or paying for services.

There are some consequences that come with misplacing one’s social security card such as:

An individual coming into possession of a missing social security card who does not indicate to authorities about the missing card could eventually be held for impersonation, especially if they begin to use such a card. The card contains vital information about the owner and may contain further access to accounts. To avoid being held for impersonation or identity theft by using what is not yours, a good balance would be reaching out to social services or social security, or better still, getting to the owner if their contact information is available. If you ever lose your social security card, go to for help on replacements.

Another crucial effect of losing your social security card is you could incur unnecessary and unwanted debts in a case where the card is found by a person with dubious intentions. If found by a rogue for example, he could become extravagant in his expenses exploiting the card to the detriment of the rightful owner. Such an attitude would eventually lead to either bankruptcy or an accumulation of huge debts for the owner, which may take a lifetime or numerous years to settle. This puts the person’s life at stake in many ways and could even lead to a heart attack or health condition.

Linked to the previous point is the fact that another person using your social security card not only benefits from it but they equally incriminate you in any fraudulent activity of theirs, leading to your arrest given that they have your information and whatever act they
take, it is assumed you did. They may commit a crime somewhere using your
information and card details and perhaps because it wasn’t notified to authorities that you had lost your card so that they can make null the missing card and issue another, you get arrested for crimes you are innocent of while the former remains free. This incrimination could eventually tarnish a person’s career by getting them a newly acquired convict profile.

Concluding this piece, the possible outcomes of losing your social security card would obviously be launching an application for another one to be made. This point is the last but not the least and apparently is the most vital of all. Avoiding any access to the card being used is of prime importance in the first place, were it to fall in the hands of thieves. The application process can however prove to be tough because it involves presenting multiple documents attesting that you are who you claim you are. Some of such documents include an identification card, a passport, a birth certificate or a proof of current employment documentation for example. This is primordial to certify that you actually owned the missing one and this is also done for security measures regarding the production of the new one.