Problems of an unkempt lawn

An unkempt lawn is dangerous to humans, pets and the environment. The dangers of an unkempt lawn are so vast that it is necessary for all to have a well kept lawn. These are some of the dangers of an unkempt lawn:

Hiding place for venomous snakes.

An unkempt lawn is a perfect hiding place for snakes. Venomous snakes hide in tall grass and its difficult to spot them in an unkempt lawn. They are dangerous to humans and pets and there have been so many documented cases from of people being bitten by poisonous snakes hiding in their unkempt lawns.

Breeding place for poisonous fungi and mushroom.

Although some mushroom are safe to eat, some mushrooms are very poisonous. These mushroom will grow in an unkempt lawn and children are at risk of poison as they can come into contact with these poisonous mushrooms and consume them. Poisonous fungi also are likely to grow in these unkempt lawn and will cause harm to both humans and pets.

Unkempt lawns will have doh and cat feces.

Dog and cat feces will have roundworms on them. Roundworms will breed on human intestines and once a person comes into contact with the feces he or she will be infected. Roundworms will affect a person’s health and this will be most significant on children as they have frail bodies and their growth will be adversely affected.

Unkempt lawns facilitate quick spread of fire.

In case of fire, an unkempt lawn will facilitate its quick spread. This is very dangerous as a small fire will
spread fast and become a huge fire that will destroy property and may cause harm to life.

A breeding place for fire ants.

A bite from a fire ant is very painful to people and pets. Fire ants will breed on these unkempt lawns and will make the lawns to an uncomfortable place for people and pets.

Unkempt lawns will have dangerous levels of cancer causing chemicals.

Unkempt lawns will contain dangerous chemicals that accumulate from spraying pesticides and herbicides on the lawn. These chemicals are very dangerous to people as cancer is a very dangerous disease.

Unkempt lawns harbor pests.

Ticks in particular are common in unkempt lawns. These ticks will affect our pet’s health and will lead to death of our pets if unchecked. Other pests will affect crops and trees.

Unkempt lawns will have dangerous projectiles on them.

While mowing, a lawnmower may come into contact with an object on the lawn which is very dangerous. The fast spinning blades of the lawnmower may get broken and they will hurt anyone around the lawnmower. Sharp objects hidden on the lawn will hurt people who get into contact with them. These is especially dangerous to children as they may get seriously hurt while playing on the lawn.

The dangers of having an unkempt lawn are vast and it is advisable to keep a well kept lawn around our homes and our neighborhood and surroundings. A well kept lawn is of much benefit to all of us than an unkempt lawn in a very big way.