Can jewelry be repaired?

Jewelry to most people is the most cherished belonging. Whether given by a loved one or inherited from families, it could be saddening to part with any because it is damaged, broken, worn out or bent out of shape. In most cases, dumping is not the solution.

Most people have actually been asking if jewelry could be repaired. Of course, repair is possible whether it is trying a quick fix by yourself or taking it to a jeweler. The tools needed for repair are available in hardware stores.

If for example, you need to fix or glue a missing stone, first you need to do this
is to get a jewelry glue. This is not just about getting any adhesive like Super Glue, jewelries have a different type of glue. What you need to do is to get the right type of glue and then re-fix carefully.

What if what you need is a quick fixing for a broken earring before you run late for the dinner party? Well, with patience and the necessary tools, you are ready to fix the broken part. It is rare to have both earrings broken at the same time, so the working one would serve as a guide. What you need to do is to observe it under a magnifying lens. When this is not available, bring it under proper lightning, as taught by

Having properly observed how the working one is fixed together, return to the damaged one and identify where the repair is needed with the aid of the magnifying lens.

If the problem happened to be a lever back not closing tightly, all you need is a flat nose plier to hold the earring and a blunt nose plier to position it rightly or replace it. You have to do this patiently so that you do not end up causing more damage.

In case what is needed is replacing a broken level, it is quite easy to do. First, clean the glue area with sandpaper or file, remove the broken lever with blunt nose pliers. After that, leave a drop of glue on the surface where the lever
was removed and fix another lever there. However, it does not stop there. You
need to hold the lever with a tweezers throughout the drying time. Jewelers are available if you cannot do the repair yourself.

Meanwhile, not all jeweler fix or repair jewelries and not all can provide the same quality repair. The ones who can only concentrate on ring sizing, stone
tightening, replacing batteries in watches and bands, soldering, engraving, clasp and stone replacement, restringing, polishing, re-tipping, sizing, and others. And you need to be careful before going to any, make sure it is someone you can trust.

Does repairing cost much? Well, not really if your jewelry has a warranty. Some
jewelries come with warranty such that it could be returned to the store it was
purchased if there is a need for repair within the year of warranty.

If otherwise, the cost to be incurred would depend on the level of damage, how much the part to be replaced costs, etc. For example, replacing a gemstone costs much than tightening a stone.