A guide to shaving

After shaving, your face is nice and smooth, but soon, it uncomfortably starts to itch. This is due to the small, rough hairs that start to peek through the skin. As hair growth begins, the skin gets irritated and becomes dry, dehydrating the surface of the skin. Another reason is also skin that is not properly dried. The elements in the water thus dehydrate the skin as your skin air-dries. To find out more, the following will provide more tips on how to stop your beard from itching by combing it properly with http://beardcareshop.com/best-beard-combs/.

The first habit to examine is which product you usually use for your beard. Do you use shampoo or conditioner? If you use shampoo to wash your beard three or more times a week, it will lead to dryness and itching. This is because the active ingredients in shampoo are meant to clean off natural oils that have accumulated onto your skin, thus leaving your skin dry. The ingredients in shampoo are more aggressive than ones in other products. It is recommended that you use shampoo no more than once or twice a week to wash your beard.

Secondly, be sure to do a thorough job of washing the products off your skin. When you only partially rinse off the conditioner or the shampoo, then the product left on your skin will further dehydrate the skin.

As mentioned earlier, leftover water can carry moisture from the skin with it, as it evaporates. The best action to take in order to prevent this from happenning is to pat down the area with your towel. If you beard is longer, pay extra attention to the skin underneath and gently get your towel to dry the skin under the beard.

Even though you may be doing all these steps and still not getting results, there is a product you can try: beard oil. Applying beard oil will help you maintain a smooth texture, hydrated skin, healthy, firm, and free of any extra dried skin cells. This is an exceptional product, but when you search for beard oil, you will find that there are many kinds and brands. Experts in this area recommend the Argan and the Jojoba oils. The Argan oil is widely known to be among the best oils for hair. The Jojoba oil acts somewhat like a serum, acting as a barrier and sealing in moisture on the skin. Almond oil is another recommendation from the experts in this area. This is because Almond oil is not so dense, yet it increases moisture enhancing the amount of nutrients, fatty acids, and micro elements that keep the area healthy. To choose the oil wisely, search the brand and type of oil well.

The next aspect of keeping your beard uninflamed is to comb it. This will not only keep it clean throughout the day by removing any particles, or dried hairs, that get stuck between the hairs, but it will also increase bloodflow to the hairs. This is because the movement on the skin stimulates bloodflow to the small veins in this area. However, be sure not to overburden your skin by doing this too frequently or you could get the opposite effect.

Finally, the last aspect to finish off this list is washing your pillowcase. Though it may never have occured to you, this is an effective way of preventing dirty particles such as dried cells, dust, and bacteria from making its way onto your skin. Over the days and weeks, your pillowcase accumulates these dirty particles, so it is important to keep it clean.