A guide to shaving

After shaving, your face is nice and smooth, but soon, it uncomfortably starts to itch. This is due to the small, rough hairs that start to peek through the skin. As hair growth begins, the skin gets irritated and becomes dry, dehydrating the surface of the skin. Another reason is also skin that is not properly dried. The elements in the water thus dehydrate the skin as your skin air-dries. To find out more, the following will provide more tips on how to stop your beard from itching by combing it properly with http://beardcareshop.com/best-beard-combs/.

The first habit to examine is which product you usually use for your beard. Do you use shampoo or conditioner? If you use shampoo to wash your beard three or more times a week, it will lead to dryness and itching. This is because the active ingredients in shampoo are meant to clean off natural oils that have accumulated onto your skin, thus leaving your skin dry. The ingredients in shampoo are more aggressive than ones in other products. It is recommended that you use shampoo no more than once or twice a week to wash your beard.

Secondly, be sure to do a thorough job of washing the products off your skin. When you only partially rinse off the conditioner or the shampoo, then the product left on your skin will further dehydrate the skin.

As mentioned earlier, leftover water can carry moisture from the skin with it, as it evaporates. The best action to take in order to prevent this from happenning is to pat down the area with your towel. If you beard is longer, pay extra attention to the skin underneath and gently get your towel to dry the skin under the beard.

Even though you may be doing all these steps and still not getting results, there is a product you can try: beard oil. Applying beard oil will help you maintain a smooth texture, hydrated skin, healthy, firm, and free of any extra dried skin cells. This is an exceptional product, but when you search for beard oil, you will find that there are many kinds and brands. Experts in this area recommend the Argan and the Jojoba oils. The Argan oil is widely known to be among the best oils for hair. The Jojoba oil acts somewhat like a serum, acting as a barrier and sealing in moisture on the skin. Almond oil is another recommendation from the experts in this area. This is because Almond oil is not so dense, yet it increases moisture enhancing the amount of nutrients, fatty acids, and micro elements that keep the area healthy. To choose the oil wisely, search the brand and type of oil well.

The next aspect of keeping your beard uninflamed is to comb it. This will not only keep it clean throughout the day by removing any particles, or dried hairs, that get stuck between the hairs, but it will also increase bloodflow to the hairs. This is because the movement on the skin stimulates bloodflow to the small veins in this area. However, be sure not to overburden your skin by doing this too frequently or you could get the opposite effect.

Finally, the last aspect to finish off this list is washing your pillowcase. Though it may never have occured to you, this is an effective way of preventing dirty particles such as dried cells, dust, and bacteria from making its way onto your skin. Over the days and weeks, your pillowcase accumulates these dirty particles, so it is important to keep it clean.

Problems of an unkempt lawn

An unkempt lawn is dangerous to humans, pets and the environment. The dangers of an unkempt lawn are so vast that it is necessary for all to have a well kept lawn. These are some of the dangers of an unkempt lawn:

Hiding place for venomous snakes.

An unkempt lawn is a perfect hiding place for snakes. Venomous snakes hide in tall grass and its difficult to spot them in an unkempt lawn. They are dangerous to humans and pets and there have been so many documented cases from discoverziehler.com of people being bitten by poisonous snakes hiding in their unkempt lawns.

Breeding place for poisonous fungi and mushroom.

Although some mushroom are safe to eat, some mushrooms are very poisonous. These mushroom will grow in an unkempt lawn and children are at risk of poison as they can come into contact with these poisonous mushrooms and consume them. Poisonous fungi also are likely to grow in these unkempt lawn and will cause harm to both humans and pets.

Unkempt lawns will have doh and cat feces.

Dog and cat feces will have roundworms on them. Roundworms will breed on human intestines and once a person comes into contact with the feces he or she will be infected. Roundworms will affect a person’s health and this will be most significant on children as they have frail bodies and their growth will be adversely affected.

Unkempt lawns facilitate quick spread of fire.

In case of fire, an unkempt lawn will facilitate its quick spread. This is very dangerous as a small fire will
spread fast and become a huge fire that will destroy property and may cause harm to life.

A breeding place for fire ants.

A bite from a fire ant is very painful to people and pets. Fire ants will breed on these unkempt lawns and will make the lawns to an uncomfortable place for people and pets.

Unkempt lawns will have dangerous levels of cancer causing chemicals.

Unkempt lawns will contain dangerous chemicals that accumulate from spraying pesticides and herbicides on the lawn. These chemicals are very dangerous to people as cancer is a very dangerous disease.

Unkempt lawns harbor pests.

Ticks in particular are common in unkempt lawns. These ticks will affect our pet’s health and will lead to death of our pets if unchecked. Other pests will affect crops and trees.

Unkempt lawns will have dangerous projectiles on them.

While mowing, a lawnmower may come into contact with an object on the lawn which is very dangerous. The fast spinning blades of the lawnmower may get broken and they will hurt anyone around the lawnmower. Sharp objects hidden on the lawn will hurt people who get into contact with them. These is especially dangerous to children as they may get seriously hurt while playing on the lawn.

The dangers of having an unkempt lawn are vast and it is advisable to keep a well kept lawn around our homes and our neighborhood and surroundings. A well kept lawn is of much benefit to all of us than an unkempt lawn in a very big way.

ls your jewelry damaged?

There is no need to go to the jeweler near you. Do you know that you can repair your own jewelry? Find out more at shopedc.com.

You cannot even repair but can do lots of things from yourjewelry. Just sitting in your house you can manage many things. All you need to do is you need to purchase some tool once and need to use over and over again. It is just one-time cost then you can use over and over again. Isn’t it great? You don’t need to go out of yourhouse.

The best advice

The repair I am talking about is the repair that many people can do easily. It is not technical repair. I am not talking that kind of repair here that needs the high level of torch, tools, and skills. When you face damage which is not in your hand then you can take it to the ring sizing, stone tightening or rebuilding prongs. Remember when you do the deal with big diamonds orjewelry you need to take care of it.

There are many kinds of repair you can do in the house. We collected the list of it which is as follow.

  • Polishing and buffering.
  • Reshaping band
  • Changing watch batteries
  • Changing clasps
  • Streughtingjump rings
  • Here are the tools that you need to repair your damage
  • Mallet
  • Mandrel
  • Clasps
  • Tarnish Remover
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Polishing cloth with rough
  • Here are the repairs in the details

Polishing and buffering.

You know we people buy greatly polished clothes for us but we forget that we need rough too to polish our jewelry. The rough clothes help you in several ways such it removes the surface scratches and dullness from any kind of metal. All you need to do is need to use the polish glow on it. Just slight pressure when you polish.

Reshaping band

You need to be so careful with it. If yourjewelry has gems then make sure you don’t damage them. The method has only been used when a Band is only at the bottom of your ring. Take the tools such as mallet and steel Mendel. Just push as much in the ring on the mandrel you can. When you get it down then it’s time to put the hammer on it. Pick up the hammer and gently tap on the bent area. Tap the turn around and then tap again.

Changing water batteries

It is one of the easiest tasks among all. You just need the right tools and the right method. All the toolkit is easily available in the market. Just pop up the back and use the back opener. Just slide the old battery out of the watch and put it new.

Changing clasps

It can be tough! A clasp has been joined tightly with unsoldered jump rings. Just like you tighten the jump rings there would be no different. you can unlock the broken clasps by just using the pillar. There are many types of clasps are available in the market.

So isn’t it easy? Above are only a few tasks but you can perform many tasks which are easy and effective.

Importance of Business Signs

The first impression is a crucial part of any business and getting a good signage is quite critical. A good business sign made from atlanticsigncompany.com/business-signs-cincinnati-ohio/ is actually part of your business identity and an effective marketing tool. The kind of sign you have can, therefore, make or break your business. Your business sign tells more about you and your business, and most times happens to be the first thing your target customers see. The visuals in your sign, therefore, clearly convey a lot about you and the business. In order to get the customers you want, you need a business sign that is unique. It is for this reason that you need to get a custom-made business signage to make your business stand out.

Benefits of getting a custom business sign your business sign can be a powerful branding and marketing tool. It conveys crucial information about your business hence deserves to be beautifully and uniquely designed. It may appear so small but turns out to be a crucial part of your business. Reading through the following benefits of getting a custom business sign will most likely prompt you to get one for your company.

1. Will help in building your brand

Branding is usually considered a reserve for the large organizations. The truth, however, is that even small businesses can greatly benefit from building a brand that people resonate well with. Your business sign is the first place to start when revamping or creating your branding strategy no matter the size of your business. Always consider incorporating the visual elements that you think are necessary for you and your brand into the design.

2. Serves as a passive form of marketing

According to a survey by FedEx, 80% of people are likely to go to a new store simply because they are attracted by the store’s signage. With an attractive and eye-catching custom business sign, customers are likely to remember your business in the future. The sign will always be a popular direction marker for locals to find their way to various destinations. You shouldn’t be surprised to find your business sign getting its way into Snapchat stories as well as lnstagram posts sooner or later. This is actually a very smart and simple way to connect with new prospects.

3. It helps your business to stand out

There is definitely a stiff competition out there. Pulling yourself up as a unique enterprise among established enterprises is usually not an easy task. However, with a well thought out, unique and eye-catching business sign, you can easily differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. Prospects will sooner begin to associate with your business, thanks to the carefully designed signage.

4. Helps increase traffic and return on investment

Do not be concerned with the fact that personalized business signs will be more expensive than other marketing tools. The truth is that these signs and banners will pay for themselves after all. This is actually an investment of high returns as it boosts traffic to your business and increases your sales rates thereafter.lf indeed you want your business to stand out from your competitors, then investing in a unique, eye-catching business sign is crucial. Always use different formats and sign materials to ensure the signage is unique and one of its own kind. The bottom line: The first impression that always stays in your prospects’ mind even in the future is crucial and having a unique custom business sign will help you to achieve this. Having learned the benefits of getting a custom business sign, it is time you get out there and get one that shines to capture the attention of your target customers.

What makes a good credit card processor

CBD (Cannabinoid) is a synthetic compound derived from cannabis plant. It has become popular over the past few years due to its high capacity to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain conditions in both humans and animals. Yet, due to the addictive potential of the ingredients, it’s still illegal in many of the US states to sell it. CBD trade though is growing trendier because of the high profit margin and the very high market demand. Some physicians prescribe it pharmaceutically to relieve pain of their patients, increase their compliance to tough treatment regimens like chemo and radiotherapy, and improve their quality of life.

CBD business and trade is considered a high-risk business. Credit card processing and operation in this industry is very difficult. There are strict regulations that make credit card companies avoid dealing with anything cannabis related. People in this industry have been dealing in cash to avoid such a dilemma but that makes the market very narrow and doesn’t achieve expansion. Online payment solutions emerge every now and then and many of them shut down a short while after causing huge business losses. This includes also the risk of not being able to continue the business.

So what is the best way to guarantee successful CBD trade?

First, you have to establish a legal business entity. This is a crucial step that paves the way to all upcoming processes but make sure you don’t use your social security number or sole trader due to the liability included in this. You don’t want to be at risk of losing all your possessions if something went wrong. There’s always a chance of getting an LLC (limited liability company) which is a legal form of companies that render limited liability in front of authorities. A Tax ID or EIN (Employer Identification Number) from Internal Revenue Service IRS This is to prove that your business has been registered in a legitimate way.

Having a high-risk merchant account is still a solution. Although it’s difficult to apply for one that allows CBD trade but it’s still possible. Find one that is compatible with online third party payment gates e.g. shopify and Magento because many of the present gates Square, PayPal, and Stripe don’t permit it and you will be prohibited if you tried to get away somehow. Shopify offers good credit card processing for such businesses and makes both online and retail trade easier.

You will be needing a US bank account with a decent statement in it to begin with. Take into consideration that if this high-risk merchant account happened to get terminated at a given point of time, you will not be able to continue your online business on it. This means losing money and not being able to continue making more. Also applying for a second one after shutting down of the first is extremely difficult.

Build an online store and integrate it with the acceptable third party payment method like the aforementioned shopify. Make sure that your online shop is solid and sells good products of CBD so that your market increases and save your business the trouble. Enhance it with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to achieve high traffic and attract all potential consumers interested in your product.

You may get support from companies that have experience in high-risk businesses and offer support in starting it and along the way. A lot of businesses get terminated because of details they are not aware of or things they have missed. Having such a support will make you pay attention to the better payment gateways and credit card processing.

Excitement of moving

Moving comes with a lot of excitement and if it is not planned for well it can turn into sorrow. Whether you are moving permanently or temporarily, there is need to update your address as it is required by the relevant bodies and service providers. Even if you are moving temporarily you would want your mails to be held for you while you are away. Forgetting to do this, will in the end hurt you as your bills will not be able to reach you and as a result, you could be forced to pay additional fees. Moving Authority from http://postalchangeaddress.com/postal-change-addressonline/ have made available change of address checklist while placing address change requests.

The list of places and relevant bodies you would want to remember to notify them about your change of address include: banks and credit cards companies, insurance companies (car, health), business employers, utilities and cable providers, phone and internet providers, TV service providers, children school records, your driver’s license, local post office, revenue and tax bodies, friends and relatives, billing agencies, medical providers, pet’s veterinarian and kennel and delivery subscriptions.

There are two ways of changing your address:

1. using the United States Postal Service (USPS) online.

2. visiting the Local Post Office.

You can do the whole process on your own or hire professional to do it for you, though, this would to be costly.

1. Using the USPSThis is the fastest and most convenient way of changing the address.This involves filling the form 3575 online. You will be charged $1 and you must have a valid email address.You will required to have credit or a debit card. The $1 charge is an identity verification to prevent fraud and make sure the person requesting change of address is you. It is worth noting that if you visit the local post office in person USPS will waive the verification fee. Confirmation for the change of your address will be sent to your email address. Procedure visit USPS.com/move to change your address online.- Fill the form 3575 online.- specify if this is a permanent change of address or a temporary one. if you are moving temporarily, you can also request USPS to hold your mails.- you can use USPS tools to locate Zip code and postal office code of your new address. Updating your Zip code enables you to continue receiving local news and weather reports.- you will receive confirmation letter for your change in your email instantly.

2. using the Local Post OfficeThis involves going to the Local Post Office in person.Procedure- request a Mover’s Guide packet.-Inside the Mover’s Guide packet there is PS form 3575. – fill the change of address form and give it to the postal worker behind the counter or drop the form inside the letter mail slot in the post office.- You should be able to receive confirmation letter at your new address within five business days.You can also ask your local post office to temporarily change your address and hold your mail for a short period of time, such as during your vacation, though this service is not available at all local post offices

The magic of Freon

Air conditioners are used all over the world in order to keep people comfortable in hot or cold temperatures. If you have ever owned an air conditioner, you most probably know or have at least heard about Freon especially when it needed to be refilled due to a leak. But what exactly is Freon?

What is Freon?

Freon is a brand name of several chemical refrigerants that are sometimes known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Freon can also be used to as a general term when referring to refrigerants just like how a popular brand name such as coke is used to describe soda. In the past, Freon included a wide variety of chemical refrigerants that were considered to be dangerous to the environment. Nowadays, the new chemical refrigerants used in air conditioners are cleaner and don’t do any damage to the environment.

Types of Refrigerants Used in Air Conditioners Today.

There are different types of refrigerants used in today’s air conditioning systems. The most common ones found in household units are the R-22, which is a true Freon, and the R-41OA.

R-22 – The R-22 is the last of the true Freons and is a line that has been manufactured and developed by DuPont. These refrigerants were very effective but later on, it was discovered that they were dangerous to the environment, specifically the ozone layer, and thus most companies began phasing them out. They are now tightly controlled this making them more expensive than other types of refrigerants. The manufacture of R-22 based air conditioners was discontinued in 2010 and it is expected that R-22 will no longer be available by 2020.

R-41OA – The R-41OA (not the rs44b) was developed in 1991 by Honeywell, which back then was known as Allied Signal, and released into the market in 1996. It has been gradually replacing the R-22 due to the fact that it allows for greater compression and is generally a much more efficient refrigerant. It has also led to the creation of better and more efficient air conditioners that rely on less energy.

Importance of Freon in Air Conditioners.

Modern AC units normally have a system of coils and compressors. In units which use the R-22 or the Freon, this system will compress the Freon gas thus making it very hot in order to enable the gas to move through the coils. Once this has happened, the gas will cool down to a liquid form which will absorb the heat from the air outside and then pushes cold air out into the air conditioning vents. Thus the AC unit will always be in a constant cycle of pushing cold air out and pulling hot air in.

Therefore, if an air conditioning unit is low on a coolant such as Freon, it will be unable to produce cold air. It is important to understand that the coolant itself is never lost through the process of pushing cold air out and pulling hot air in. This means that if an air conditioning unit is low on coolant, it has a leak and this leak needs to be repaired before the coolant is refilled. Failure to do this will result in more money being spent on a new coolant and can also be harmful to the environment.


Freon can be used as a general term to describe refrigerants and coolers and can also include a variety of chemicals which are considered to be safe for the environment. However, the main brand name Freon, which is the R-22 refrigerant type, is in the process of being phased out from air conditioning units due to the fact that it contains dangerous chemicals that deplete the ozone layer. Some older units that were manufactured before 2003 still use these dangerous chemicals and while they are not essentially considered to be dangerous, they can end up causing harm to the environment if there is a leak. Newer air conditioning models use coolants which are friendly to the environment and also save a lot more money on energy costs as they are more efficient than the older models.

Why is R22 So Expensive?



Everyone’s been a victim of a failed air conditioner. We all know what we have to do after our AC system ceases to blow cold air anymore: call a technician or a contractor and ask them to put more refrigerant in your system. All the while, you think that this is a simple fix, and it shouldn’t cost very much. But a few minutes later, your eyes pop out of your head when you see the bill. You wonder why refrigerant requires so much of your wallet, even freon alternative pricing costs a ton. It doesn’t make any sense, and yet you still must pay for it.

Why is R22 Used So Much?

Before we talk about why R22 costs so much, we need to understand why people like it for their air conditioning systems. For starters, R22 stands for the halocarbon compound

Monochlorodifluoromethane (CHCIF2). R represents the refrigerant status, and the number 2 in “22” stands for the number of fluorine atoms.

The boiling point of R22 is very low, standing at about -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The low boiling point initially drove consumers to use it for freezers, but later began using it for refrigerators. To this day, the use of R22 has expanded to several different industries, including the liquefaction of gases in air conditioning systems.

Supply and Demand

Taking the uses of R22 into account, we can now delve into why it tends to burn a hole in your pocket. The truth is that supply and demand forces are at play here. This may seem obvious, but contrary to other products on the market, R22 had slowly risen in price since the late 1980s, when the EPA enforced regulations against R22 for its “ozone-depleting substances.” This was the first part of R22’s supply and demand graph, with demand staying the same and supply slowly deteriorating.

Starting in 2010, about 20 tears after their initial R22 regulation efforts, the EPA decided they needed to do more by halting all imports and manufacturing of air conditioners coming pre-installed with R22. According to a Pippin Brothers blog post, the new regulations dropped production of R22 by 75%. The EPA has plans to phase out the production of R22 altogether by 2020.

The Government

At this point, demand exponentially outweighs supply, but there is more. The government, through Obama’s EPA, has also taken sides against the consumer, claiming that R22 is very bad for the environment, and even banning the production of R22 for consumer needs. This isn’t a new development by the EPA, and they claim to have good intentions. But consumers are in need, and if they don’t get sufficient refrigerant that is compatible with their air system, they are forced to live without air conditioning. This can be harmful, especially during the summer, where demand is the highest.


Apparently, there is a severe problem in the air conditioning industry regarding refrigerants. The government is the real reason behind this problem and has been for years. Another reason is that since housing sales are up around the country, there is more need for a refrigerant as effective as R22, hence another rise in demand over supply. So to answer the question about why R22 is so expensive, there is only one answer: government regulation.

How to change your address

Changing of address involves certain criteria that has to be followed in order for you to change your address. In the Unites States, you can change your address by going directly to the post office and change it from there.This is the oldest method and it still operates today. It operated when there was no technology and it is still there. Changing your address at the US postal office has got some importance, as proven by https://www.moving-assistant.com. Some of them are;

a)You cannot be scammed.With the recent rise in technology and high level of scams, online changing of address is really tricky.The high number of hackings that are taking place cannot be explained. Scammers are everywhere and are ready to pounce on you who has no idea of which form to go for online.Several cases have been reported of people being scammed into filling the wrong forms. This actually leads to frustration. Going to the postal office to fill out your details yourself helps you in that you will not be scammed because you are 100% sure of what you went there to do.

b)You are assured of quality services. At the post office, the officers in charge offer high quality services. This is because they are employed to do their best for persons coming to change their addresses. This will assure you of quality services and you get to ask be guided on how to go about the form.

c) clarity is made possible for you. Filling your forms online can be really disturbing especially if you don’t know what to do. While at the post office, the officers there will explain to you the exact details you need to fill in. You can also ask questions where you need clarification. They will gladly help you out and you will go without questions in mind.You will be assured of what you have done as being correct.

d)You can keep a copy of your submitted form.One advantage with getting a new address from the post office is that you get to retain a form you keep as a copy or evidence.This is so crucial because you will have a solid evidence also for yourself that you changed your address. This is important because you will keep it as a record and it will be as an extra form in case you want to confirm some details.

e)There are no data charges.Now this should be the best advantageAs we know, applying online is sometimes hectic.This is because you have to deal with connection issues, sometimes no data and filling the form can be problematic.Going to the postal office has none of that. All you do is take your pen and fill out the necessary details provided. This makes it so easy and quick for you.

f)You are sure of the person serving you .When you go the postal office, you are sure of the officer who served you because of the details on the form.The online address change is unpredictable because you never know who has hacked into the system. So going to the postal office is much safer.

In conclusion, if you want to change your address, you can always reach out to the postal office are do the necessary for a new address.

Why you should tour Costa Rica

In case you are contemplating of going to some location where there are lots of sunshine, sea beaches, and beautiful clear waters, then Costa Rica is one such place that you must never ignore. There are plenty of activities in Costa Rica for you to indulge in which will never make you feel bored while you’re here. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned several reasons why you should go on a tour in Costa Rica with costaricafocus.com/best-costa-rica-tour-companies/.

1. Amazing sea beaches

As mentioned earlier, Costa Rica can boast of a plethora of attractive natural sea beaches for you as well as your loved ones to enjoy. The epic waves will allow you to enjoy surfing in the ocean waters, and you will likewise come across quieter coves which will provide an opportunity for the kids to splash around and hunt for shells as well.

2. Fantastic climate

Visiting Costa Rica during the dry season will assure you of plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. However, you may also visit the place during the rainy season when the rain will provide a wonderful relief to the scorching heat of the summer.

3. Hospitable locals

The locals of this area are going to welcome you and make your stay extremely comfortable here. They will always extend their helping hand to you with a friendly smile and aid you to explore their country in the best possible way. You are certain to have a great time in the company of these friendly locals who are happy with their country, their life as well as their jobs.

4. Amazing waterfalls

Costa Rica can boast of many beautiful waterfalls most of which can be accessed by hiking. It will be a wonderful experience for anybody visiting this location, particularly during the holiday season.

5. Snorkeling

Another interesting activity that you can perform in Costa Rica will be snorkeling. In fact, there are enough opportunities for pursuing this activity thanks to the abundance of incredibly clear and blue waters here.

6. The food

There is no element of doubt about the fact that Costa Rican food is simply delicious. The scrumptious gastronomy will be enough to supply you with the energy required to travel this country, and there are likewise many wonderful restaurants scattered all over the place. Even the pickiest eaters are going to love these mouthwatering dishes in Costa Rica.

7. Safety

Even women can travel on the streets of San Jose (the Costa Rican capital) alone at night without having to
worry about being robbed or threatened in any way. However, try to avoid walking in any location in this
country after 12 midnight which is away from the city proper. The drug dealers in this area also will not harm
you provided you do not bother them in any manner.

8. Eco-friendliness

While you’re in Costa Rica, make it a point to visit one of the many animal sanctuaries which will provide lots of fun to the kids in particular. Here you will have the opportunity of coming across different varieties of butterflies, sea turtles, tropical birds, toucans, iguanas, and so on. Moreover, this country is one of the most eco-friendly nations on the planet with more than 30% of the land being designated as reserves and national parks.